Terms of Reference Hellenic National Bioethics Commission (1999-2021)

The Commission was an independent advisory body of experts addressed to public authorities either by its own initiative or upon request. Its mission was to highlight the interaction of life sciences and contemporary social values. In particular, the Commission
(a) investigated the ethical, social and legal aspects that arise from scientific advances in biology, biotechnology, medicine and genetics,
(b) outlined, in collaboration with the respective ministries, proposals of general policy and provides specific recommendations on related issues,
(c) collaborated with international organizations and related bodies and represents Greece to international fora, and
(d) informed the public on issues related to biotechnological advances and the impact of their applications promoting public awareness and dialogue.

The Commission had also the responsibility to co-ordinate other relevant committees at a national level. More details can be found in the Commission's founding law and the rules of procedure. The General Secretariat of the Government supported the Commission on a financial and administrative level.